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Publish your data with us

Publish your data on SARS-CoV-2/COVID-19 to support further research – ZB MED offers publishing infrastructure and advice.

In these days, it is very important that researchers have access to data supporting their research for developing better diagnosis methods, medication and vaccine against the novel coronavirus.

At the moment, you can find a lot of information and data on websites from different sources. Not always you can verify the source, author or reliability of this information. For effective research, it is essential to discover and use reliable data. Therefore, ZB MED offers support for publishing your data in a reliable repository by providing curation, sustainability and advice. We offer two tools for (1) finding a reliable repository for publishing your data, and (2) publishing your data directly with ZB MED on the PUBLISSO open access publication platform.

(1) We have compiled a table of data repositories for publishing life sciences data. Note that each repository operator applies their own conditions based on the subject area and organisational issues involved. To filter the table by specific criteria, simply click on the drop-down lists at the top of each column. This allows you to narrow down the list of options to match the criteria that are most important to you. Link: Repository Finder: a table of research data repositories

(2) Publishing research data in the Specialist Repository for Life Sciences You can store and publish research data in our Specialist Repository for Life Sciences in a wide range of formats. We also accept research data that have already been published elsewhere. It is important to provide a detailed description to ensure that the published research data can be clearly interpreted and reused in the future. This description is created in the form of metadata, though it can also be supplemented by any accompanying documentation that may be available. This might include dataset documentation, descriptions of methods, project reports, computational codes or questionnaires, for example. To ensure research data can be reused in the future, it is important to answer at least the following questions before publishing data in the Specialist Repository for Life Sciences:

If you do decide to publish your research data in our Specialist Repository for Life Sciences, ZB MED will start by carrying out some checks on all the data and accompanying materials you submit. These checks cover issues such as copyright, data protection, documentation, formatting and technical reusability and integrity. Our systems automatically assign a DOI to every research data publication.

Once your research data has been published in the Specialist Repository for Life Sciences, it will also be accessible through ZB MED’s LIVIVO search portal.

Link: Specialist Repository for Life Sciences (only in German) Link: LIVIVO

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